Wildcats Football Project


The organization will/has sponsored a local youth football project in the community giving surrounding youth the opportunity to play competitive football. Hastings Wildcats Football is a very prestigous football project that has been facilitating football opportunities for local youth for the past 12 years. 








Coaching Staff  Openings

Athletic Director -open

Sponsorship Coordinator-open

Fundraisng Coordinator-open

Cheer/Football Coaches- 12 positions available


Projects that assist the athletic department include tutoring, mentoring, training, development, and a rewards program. The athletic department is required to follow up on academic performance of student athletes to put the order of Academics and Athletics in perspective. Coaches, trainers, nutrition specialist are implemented to provide the program with other important capabilities. All of these aspects aid in the development of student athletes, special events for training and development are implemented throughout the year to give coaches and athletic staff the opportunity to mentor and develop positive long lasting relationships with student athletes.


Mission Statement

Raising awareness among student athletes, parents and community members about the Hastings football program and operations.
Ages 5-12



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