Community Mental Healh

Similarly the organization would like to incorporate community behavioral health as it relates to medicine in order to provide a portfolio of assistance to the elderly, individuals with developmental disabilities, and youth who participate in sport programs. These programs are delivered in a community based therapeutic capacity that operates as an overview on behalf of the individuals mental, behavioral, and physical needs for positive mental health development. Therapeutic groups, counseling, nutrition, and positive coping mechanisms are a part of neurological development programs designed foster healthy brain functioning activity among the individuals we serve. 


Consequently these services stem in the form of outpatient community mental health services to individuals with developmental disabilities, in addition neurological muscular skills development training sessions, physical fitness, treatment, and prevention of sport related issues directly attributed to youth sports programs competition and training activity. Such specialties proposed but not limited  to the prevention of sport related injury activity including, muscle, ligament, tendon, bone, cardio and other ailments that could potentially affect physical performance. Furthermore there will be research and field studies conducted along with vitals, statistics, and data collection for long term youth athletic career development but also to combat long term ailments such as asthma and diabetes. In addition, constructing clinics or small medical facilities that allows the area partnership to implement a community health network where health care professionals work, consult and provide a variety of interdisciplinary services for health care consumers.



The organizations proposed plan is to incorporate a panel of healthcare professionals that provide exceptional public health care capabilities to communities and consumers. Professionals may include but not limited to physicians, nurse practitioners, therapist, psychologist, licensed mental health counselors, licensed social case workers, sports therapist and neurologist. A network which also offers contracted service providers such as a board or group of certified behavior analyst implementing effective crisis intervention strategies in various programs. Furthermore health care departments generate their own program revenue offering secure consumer financial infrastructure. Service locations may be offered in various locations contingent upon Medicare site approval



Service Overview

Managed Administrative Insurance Care Contractor Organization

Area Health Care Network

Community Mental/Behavioral Health

Group/Behavior Therapy

Sports Therapy

Social Services (Case Management/Support Service)

Diet & Nutrition

Crisis Care Response Systems

Dental Referral 

Physical/Occupational Therapy Referrals   

Appointment Implementation & Transportation

Job Coaching

Companion Services

Respite Care

Home Health

PCP/Psych Referrals






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