Charter School Athletics

The organizations Elite Sports Athletic Program serves to become an essential part of the organization and its surrounding communities. Our clear and concise program goals and objectives aim to have a positive impact on a countless amount of student-athletes, volunteers, community members, staff and fans. The Elite Sports Athletic Program will consist of about 6-8 boys and girls teams, over 150-350 student- athletes, around 50-75 coaches, volunteers, and administrative staff.  These groups will range from youth athletic competitive competition to high school.

This Next portion of this comprehensive is a 5-10 year plan that gives the organization an outlined vision, mission, and main priority as well as a clear plan for future success. This strategic plan will be implemented as a navigational tool in the programs journey for excellence in academics, amateur athletic competition, character, work ethic, moral standard, and integrity. With this path we expect to foster and facilitate positive relationships with all its consumers and constituents.

 In the Introduction of this company wide strategy it clearly plans and maps out a course of action for excellence in the programs future. All participants of the Elite Sports Athletic Programs strategic plan support its vision and clearly define all future objectives for its amateur sports programs.

This strategic planning phase will include assistance and input from a number of key constituents the overall dedication to the program involves a thorough and comprehensive review to ensure that steps toward goals are being met and goals are being reached in accordance with established timelines. The review process will take place about three times a year, once every four months to ensure quality of future planning.

There are few and very limited opportunities where lives can be positively effected on a large scale. The organization along with key constituents to the programs relative portfolio allows for an interconnected plan to change communities, youth sports programs, and institutions.

Physical Education is Elite Sports and delivery of proper education will allow students to obtain numerous amount of health. Study guides, practice test, quizzes will be administered in the form of text. Students must pass a physical fitness test at the end of the year as well. Wellness is important to the charter and we must assist these students with a healthy obtainable lifestyle. The primary goal of the physical education program is to provide instruction in the strands of physical education: physical literacy, responsible activity behaviors, and advocate and promote physically active lifestyles. These strands offer students the opportunity to develop and continually enhance life management skills necessary for healthy, active living. Students will not only develop the skills required for participation in physical activities, but will also develop an understanding of physical fitness, health and nutrition, and the importance of instituting positive health behaviors.

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