Charter School Information

The Charter School Board of Education Team will perform the following duties on behalf of the Charter School.
Provided positive and motivational curriculum
Developed a Education Model
Proposed Promised Curriculum Plan
Direct Communication with school Principal
Professional Development
Implementation of school platform



                                                                Academic Strategic Plan

The education strategic plan process will be implemented in phases. The ultimate goal is for the organization to build a positive relationship within the surrounding communities by allowing them to express its educational needs to the charter’s board. The physical process will start with after school tutoring, mentoring, and youth sports programs for k-5 grade levels ultimately chartering a junior, senior high school from grade levels 6-12. Furthermore the Charter School Board would take on the duties of constructing a challenging curriculum while providing a positive learning environment to bring out the absolute best in each student. It is also the board’s responsibility to facilitate, represent, and ensure a diverse learning environment for all students. In addition, adhering to rules and regulations, and exemplifying safety, and compliance are program goals for the charters board. Duties are specific but not limited as board members, as it is also the board’s responsibility of selecting administrative, faculty, staff, and maintenance personnel.

Projects that assist the athletic department include tutoring, mentoring, training, development, and a rewards program. The athletic department is required to follow up on academic performance of student athletes to put the order of Academics and Athletics in perspective. Coaches, trainers, nutrition specialist are implemented to provide the program with other important capabilities. All of these aspects aid in the development of student athletes, special events for training and development are implemented throughout the year to give coaches and athletic staff the opportunity to mentor and develop positive long lasting relationships with student athletes.


                                             2015-2016 Charter School Application Propsal


As states move forward with education reforms, some provisions of No Child Left Behind—the most current version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act—stand in the way of their progress. Although NCLB started a national conversation about student achievement, unintended consequences of NCLB have reinforced the wrong behaviors in attempting to strengthen public education. NCLB has created incentives for states to lower their standards; emphasized punishing failure over rewarding success; focused on absolute scores, rather than recognizing growth and progress; and prescribed a pass-fail, one-size-fits-all series of interventions for schools that miss their goals.


The School proposes to meet high standards of student achievement by aligning its curriculum with the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and the educational requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). The organization wants the charter to succeed by achieving a 100% graduation along with sending kids to community college or university. Even though our students will come from economically disadvantage households. This combination allows to find all the support we need to put in place a designed education facility to meet high academic standards, which coupled with a high degree of local parental choice and community involvement, provides for the standards, flexibility, and diversity envisaged by the Charter School Statute. Meeting high standards at the School means that "every child can learn" given appropriate learning tools, measurable progress is supported by consistent data, and a variety of teaching strategies are used to match a student's learning style.  The school traditional curriculum will be founded upon the education concepts and learning strategies, orchestrated by the schools education board. The board consist of community teachers, former guidance counselors, instructors, and principal. The schools board will communicate and operate the charter school under the organizations 501(c)(3) directives. The organization will located funding for the charter while following the organizations academic strategic plan underlining goals. The school will be in complete cooperation with the county school board. The charter school education provider is the charter schools board of education team but operation are comprised by the organization.  Here is a list of the Inbound School of excellence board members.

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