Elite Sports Project

These charitable programs fostered by the organization are projects in its initial stages. In addition, creating viable sports programs for student athletes gives community members the opportunity to participate in athletic events on a yearly basis. Sustaining these programs assist the objective of soliciting contributions on behalf of the charitable program to further its mission. Systematic goals are required by the organization subject to review by the heads of the athletic department. Organization sponsored sport and community based youth athletic events, clinics, and camps are coupled with a sports program to provide a safer playing experience for youth athletes. 


  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring
  • Nutrition Education
  • Sports Complex and fields aquisition
  • League Play Projects
  • Sports Health
  • Rewards project

Note: Projects that supplement the project include; tutoring, mentoring, training, development, and rewards project. The athletic project is required to follow up on academic performance of student athletes to put the order of Academics in relation to Athletics in perspective. Members, coaches, trainers, and nutrition specialist are implemented to provide the project with other specialized capabilities. All of these aspects aid in the functional development of student athletes. Also, special clinics for training and development are implemented throughout the year to give coaches, and athletic staff the opportunity to mentor and develop a rapport fostering long lasting relationships with student athletes.


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