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The purpose of this website is to show potential investors, sponsors, and contributors(donator) a visble web platform displaying what the organization offers.

The proposed plan is contingent upon creating a local area partnership to improve executive capability, connecting organizations, municipalities, and county governments. The idea is to create an interconnecting network of collaborating partners to help foster a better quality of living in underserved areas in Saint John’s County. Delivering these specific programs would be an inspiring start to a new wave of economic growth and development in southern Saint John’s County. In conclusion we make our communities of the county more inclusive and diverse with an area partnership of the southern region.



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The Inbound Foundation is an organization founded to increase and facilitate quality of life initiatives though character, ethics, leadership and teamwork fostering growth potential through programs, projects and services starting with the youth such as; tutoring, mentoring, community development, environmental technology, education, health & human services, coupled with sporting projects and a rewards program.


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